McKie Pools and Spas carry the best quality above ground pools available.  IPG Trendium pools are built in Canada and have a lifetime warranty.  We offer four types of above ground pools and several different models in each type.  We also provide installation, service, chemicals and free water testing.

All Our pools are insulated for Northern Ontario and utilize the latest technology and energy conservation features.  Quite simply – our pools pay for themselves through savings in operating and maintenance costs.


A pool in your backyard creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to be shared with family and friends during those hot summer days and warm, humid evenings. Just think what better place to escape your everyday stressful schedules, the deadlines and demands of the job, than in the comfort of your own home.

Summer is at our doorstep, and you’re no doubt already starting to feel the heat... What better than an above ground pool to invigorate and enliven your family’s leisure moments?

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