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Pool Shock Backyard Brands - Dazzle Ultra Shock (DAZ02500)

Ultra Shock

Item ID: (DAZ02500)
Brand: Backyard Brands - Dazzle

A formulated, fast dissolving, stabilized chlorine-based shock treatment. Can be used as a pre-treatment for algae problems and for clearing cloudy water due to insufficient chlorine or bromine residuals. This pH neutral, multi-functional product performs the following functions in water; shocks, clarifies, provides stain & scale control and generally enhances water. 


Pool Shock Backyard Brands - Dazzle Energy (DAZ02610)


Item ID: (DAZ02610)
Brand: Backyard Brands - Dazzle

 A premium, quick dissolving, unstabilized granular chlorine for daily, hand-feed application to control algae and bacteria in swimming pool water. Contains 65% Calcium Hypochlorite. Can also be used for periodic shock or super chlorination treatments.


Pool Shock Backyard Brands - Dazzle Amaze (DAZ02802)


Item ID: (DAZ02802)
Brand: Backyard Brands - Dazzle

No chlorine, no stabilizer, more 'eco-friendly' than traditional chemistries, but still possessing strong oxidation potential for weekly use to rid pool water of non-filterable wastes and restore water sparkle and comfort. Contains 'active oxygen,' clarifiers and water enhancers for optimal performance. Can be used with any sanitizer program including bromine and salt chlorination. Recommended as Step 1 of the Dazzle™ Healthier Pool Care Program for Guaranteed Algae-Free Results.



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