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Affordable and versatile. Our On-inground pools are the finest available in Canada. With the highest quality and most durable materials, these pools can withstand anything mother nature has to offer. Be it a freezing cold windy winter or a hot sultry summer.

On-ground pools can be all in ground, partially above ground or all above ground and have a lifetime warranty. 

All our pools feature insulation and energy features so the pool pays for it's self in a few years through savings in operational costs.  The only thing you give up is a deep end, however, it is much cheaper than a traditional inground swimming pool.

Why a McKie Sports Rockwood on-ground?

when compared to a traditional steel or polymer in-ground, an on-ground is:

- up to $20,000 less expensive
- uses half the water  
- uses half the chemicals 
- uses 80% less heat 
- uses 80% less electricity
- less time to install
- safer for small children  (older children can touch bottom and parents can put feet down anywhere) 


All the quality, look and feel of an in ground pool at an only slightly above ground pool price. A 52" wall height allows for approximately a 46" to 48" water depth.
  • Available in Round or Oval 
  • 52" wall
    Available with or without Walk-In Step
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Polymer Coping with integral liner track
  • 14 Gauge Steel
  • Z700/G235 Galvanized Coating

Sizes: 15', 18', 21', 24, 27', 30' 

Sizes:  12'x18', 12'x24', 12'x28', 15'x30', 17'x32', 18'x33'

(Kidney, Keyhole shapes also available) 


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your pool & hot tub experts

McKie Pools and Spas has been selling swimming pools and hot tubs in the Pembroke/Petawawa and Renfrew County area for over 12 years. 

During these two decades we've installed hundreds of pools and hot tubs. We specialize in converting your backyard dreams into reality. 

Our company not only builds backyards, we build relationships for life.  Select from Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, FiberGlass Pools, On-ground Sport Pools or Above ground pools.

We are the Ottawa Valley's trusted pool builder.

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